New Age-Tropical-Cowboy
Part Atlantean - Part Lemurian - Part American Western
The Origin of COSMIC GOLD
Thousands of years ago the transformed Atlantean Prince, MOUNTAIN GHOST, started mining for magic, music and wisdom inside the mountains of North America, hoping to discover the way back to his long lost people. Over the years, he learned from the Masters of the Mountain that it is not the way back, or the way ahead, but the way here, right now, that matters. The "path" to finding his people was not to go out searching for his people, but to search for and to fully become his true self. That way, when singing to the world in that lifetime, or the next, or any thereafter, his true people would recognize his music and find their way home to him.
This, the Masters of the Mountain would say, is the key to COSMIC GOLD. For those who seek the dream of another time or place, COSMIC GOLD is impossible to find. For those who are able to hold and to nourish the dream of this treasured moment, COSMIC GOLD is everywhere, always.
In the mountains of North America, you can still hear MOUNTAIN GHOST mining for COSMIC GOLD, when he's not busy time-traveling on CoachGhost to wherever his music is needed. Though the entrance to the mine shaft is now closed to all but ghostly, amusement park and musical characters, if you ever have a chance to visit the MOUNTAIN GHOST INN, home of the COSMIC GOLD Mining Company, you'll get to experience the same musical magic that started it all so very long ago.
And be sure to visit the COSMIC GOLD Gift Shop, next to the COSMIC GOLD Wishing Well, where you'll find MOUNTAIN GHOST® T-shirts and CD's, Concert Club Cards, souvenir COSMIC GOLD and Activation Instructions, plus a selection of Atlantean, Lemurian and American Western memorabilia and artifacts.
On stage, COSMIC GOLD is the collective name of Live Musical Performances featuring various members of the MOUNTAIN GHOST Family of New Age-Tropical-Cowboy performers, musical artists and mythical characters.
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